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Steve Chaconas, National Bass Guide Service

Waterproof Socks and Gloves

"The guides at the National Bass Guide Service have been using Hanz® Waterproof socks and gloves for a few years and now wonder how they ever did without them! The Guides credit Hanz® Waterproof with everything from preventing fish from slipping away to providing creature comfort on those really cold and wet fishing days ."

Prior to using Hanz® Waterproof gloves, we looked all over for a glove that would not only keep our hands warm, but also be flexible enough to use while fishing. The fishing industry had only neoprene to offer which had too many problems -- they didn't keep your hands dry, it was very hard to fish with them on, they were difficult to get back on once wet and the stiff material cut off circulation, making your hands even colder..

Hanz® Waterproof gloves are amazing. I wear them all day, casting with ease with either baitcasting or spinning gear and I can even tie knots with them on. They're also perfect for driving the boat, as their dexterity and gripping power allow you to have a great grip on the steering wheel. When you are driving in the rain at 60+MPH, and you need to feel the wheel, this is a huge safety issue! Hanz® Waterproof gloves are on my hands from the start of a trip to the end.

In the winter when we are using Silver Buddy lures with two treble hooks we have to belly land our fish. This requires us placing our hand under the fish while it is in the water to land them. Neoprene gets slippery making it almost impossible to land the fish, but with Hanz® Waterproof we haven't lost a fish yet!

Wet feet are terrible in our business, but Hanz® Waterproof socks make any foot gear waterproof. And because you can wear regular footwear over them without sacrificing comfort they help to save valuable space on board! Rain, snow or sunshine, wearing Hanz® Waterproof ensures we keep our feet warm and dry. During tournaments, we're on our feet for 9 hours; when we guide, we are on our feet for 12 hours so we can't afford to be cold and uncomfortable. In fact, for tournaments, Hanz® Waterproof are the one thing I will never leave home without!

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