Tracy and Lanny Barnes, USA Biathletes

Through year-round training and international competitions – including the Olympic Games -Tracy and Lanny Barnes use Hanz® waterproof socks and gloves whenever the conditions are wet. They are now testing Hanz® flame resistant gloves for use in dry conditions. They report that the grip dots on these products provide the grip they need to fire accurately, even as their competitors struggle with slipping rifles.

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JOSH HUSKEY, United States Marine CorPS, Staff Sergeant

"The experience you are about to hear about took place in a survival school - 13 days in the mountains ranging from 6500 ft to around 8,000 ft. We trained in wet, 'freeze then thaw' snow, and we also trained below the snow line in temps around high of 65deg and low of 25deg Fahrenheit."

Charles Locke                                     Antarctic Explorer

"Needless to say, I may have caused a lot of envy among the penguin population as the gloves were warm and dry even when immersed in frigid water. (Sea temperatures vary from about 10 degrees Celsius to –2 degrees Celsius.)"


“Hanz waterproof socks and gloves are a lifesaver for us. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to perform. With the extreme weather conditions we encounter, we rely on Hanz waterproof socks and gloves to keep our fingers and toes warm and frostbite free.”