For over twenty years, HANZ Extremity Wear has been a pioneer in the field of form-fitting waterproof technology for the hands and feet. Based on technology originally developed by company founder Cole Williams for clean room manufacturing, we began work on recreational products in 1990. We introduced our first completely waterproof sock for the outdoor industry in 1993. Since then, we’ve established ourselves as the technical leader in the sector, with top level, three-layer membrane, seamless constructions that provide superior fit, protection and tactile sensation with less bulk and more durability. We design and manufacture all of our products in the U.S.A., and are continually innovating extremity wear for all outdoor activities, including sport, flame-resistant and waterproof products. Hanz Extremity Wear is a family-owned corporation manufacturing all of its products in California. Founded by Cole Williams in 1970, Hanz Extremity Wear has a long history of innovative product development and production techniques.

Our company strives to achieve the highest standards in quality control, and maintains a strong dedication to its employees.


Cole Williams: Founder

Cole Williams epitomizes the terms inventor and entrepreneur. At the age of twelve Cole had already decided he wanted to be an inventor, and by the age of twenty Cole had applied for his first patent.

Following his passion for creating, Cole began his professional career as an inventor developing award-winning, engine-powered model airplanes at the premier model manufacturer of Cox Thimble Drome. After leaving the toy industry to pursue his own interests, Cole independently manufactured one of the first personal utility vehicles, the Desert Rat.

After many years in the corporate world developing medical supplies, Cole decided to "go it alone" and founded Hanz Extremity Wear in 1970.

In the early 1990s Cole was approached by the corporate giant DuPont to develop a waterproof glove for the recreational industry. Indeed, Cole did create the commissioned glove in addition to designing an accompaniment — the first fully waterproof sock. Cole and Hanz Extremity Wear had developed breakthrough waterproof products to be used in any wet condition without sacrificing comfort, durability or dexterity.



In 1998 Hanz Extremity Wear was awarded ISO 9000 registration. In September of 2001 Hanz Extremity Wear upgraded the status of its quality system and became one of the few apparel companies to achieve ISO 9001:2000 registration. This means that Hanz Extremity Wear consistently operates it manufacturing facilities in accordance with internationally recognized quality system standards and maintains ongoing efforts to measure and continously improve the performance of its products and processes.

Creating innovative products for the outdoor market since 1990, Hanz Extremity Wear stands by the quality of each glove and sock. Before leaving our California, USA, manufacturing facility, each Hanz® Waterproof product is tested to ensure it does not leak and every Hanz® product is visually inspected before packaging.

Furthermore, the SATRA Footwear Technology Center, the world's foremost research center for the footwear industry recommends Hanz® Waterproof for any activity including the "Heavy Duty/Specialist" category--their highest level of test performance.