Waterproof Construction

HANZ® waterproof technology uses a unique, seamless, three-layer construction that reduces chafing and reduces blisters even after hours of vigorous activity.

• A durable Lycra®, nylon outer shell resists abrasion.

• A waterproof, breathable Moisture Vapor Transfer (MVT) membrane lets perspiration escape but prevents water from coming in.

• A wicking inner liner helps manage moisture and ensures comfort.

• All HANZ® waterproof gloves and socks are high-pressure leak-tested before leaving the factory.



Three-layer waterproof technology with a seal around the calf to prevent water from entering over the top of the sock. Submerge socks are for people who wade in knee-deep water and want to keep feet dry, such as when getting in and out of your canoe or kayak or wading through deep streams.


chill blocker technology

Expedition-weight Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece provides outstanding warmth without bulk, won’t lose insulation properties when wet, and doesn’t hold water. Use Chillblocker when you need maximum warmth for severe conditions.


Dual-Zone Construction is the optimal blend of warmth and finger dexterity

and sensitivity. Built with a warm fleece lining in the glove, it forgoes the lining layer on the tip of the thumb, index and middle fingers and utilizes only the shell layer of the glove. This enables precise handling of small items like fishing flies, phone screens and hand tools – everything a sports enthusiast uses in the outdoors.





tap-knit construction

Touchscreen compatibility that doesn’t affect the feel of the glove or wear out over time and washing, Tap-Knit Technology is a proprietary process of utilizing capacitive fiber in the knitting of the glove, not just an isolated fingertip zone. The touchscreen effect maintains a supple feel, and unlike external treatments, Tap-Knit is unaffected by wear and can’t wash off.