Submerge Socks


MSRP $39.95

  • completely submersible waterproof socks
  • protects during intermittent periods of wading in knee-high and deeper water
  • developed for the canoeist and kayaker to keep their feet dry while getting into and out of their craft
  • three layers, securely bonded together throughout
    • inner lining: wicking liner for moisture management
    • between: our stretching waterproof, breathable MVT membrane
    • outer shell: Nylon/Lycra®Spandex offering a durable , flexible, stretch covering
  • in-cuff seal at top of calf blocks water from entering over the top of the sock
  • stretch-to-fit to avoid uncomfortable sags and wrinkles, even in strenuous activity
  • seamless design provides the ultimate in performance and comfort
  • each sock is high-pressure tested to ensure that has no leaks
  • available in black

TIP: The in-cuff seal must be in continuously close contact with skin all the way around the calf to prevent water from entering the sock. Some causes of an unsuccessful seal are the interference of liner socks or hair, very slender calves relative to the socks size, or excessive perspiration.

Lycra® is a trademark of INVISTA.