HANZ® Flame Resistant Utility/Liner Gloves

Color: Black

MSRP $43.95

  • Du Pont's Nomex® with Lycra® spandex
  • seamless knit construction with stretch yarn technology to give a snug, comfortable fit
  • heavy enough to be durable and protective yet light enough for precise dexterity and tactility
  • micro grip dot pattern provides more secure gripping than the bare hands, wet or dry
  • grip dots have high abrasion resistance, are flame resistant and will not melt or drip
  • treated with a durable water/oil repellant for quicker dry time and improved stain removal
  • two sizes fit almost all adult sizes of hands
  • excellent as a liner glove
  • developed for the tough requirements of military use
  • gloves for military contract are in full compliance with the Berry Amendment

What they are not

These Hanz® gloves are flame resistant, but do not protect from high heat or extended exposure to fire. They are not intended for use as fire-fighters gloves or oven mitts. While they have a water repellant finish, unlike our Hanz® Waterproof gloves, they are not waterproof or water resistant.

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